• Afloat Adrift Crowdfunding Event on the 27/11/14

    Hey there fellow drifters, We are so grateful to everyone who has contributed so far, and also a little sad that this experience has been mainly virtual! So literally, in order get a little more physical and social , we have organized an event at a home space called Zieferblat in the heart of London, Shoreditch. It's happening exactly 1 week from now. Here’s the the invite, we would love to see you there! Please RSVP at afloatadrift@gmail.com so we can have an idea of how many bubble teas we should provide, there isn’t a guest list, so feel free to bring as many friends, lovers and families as you wish! We shall eat, drink and be merry.

    What’s On? Afloat Adrift Meets the World! Director Jo Jo Lam will introduce you to this short film she wrote and will be directing. Producer Jason Bradbury will also talk about what they’re planning for production and his experience in distribution. Matchbox Introduction : What is an independent platform? What is Crowdunding? We will try our best to give you an inside Mini Survival Guide to Crowdfunding. How can you make it? There is no guarantee but all you can go in with is a full heart , a project you believe in and some guns up your sleeves. We are so excited to get the opportunity to talk to you about our project and hear what you think. Simply cant wait! So hop on, Afloat Adrift, Matchbox Media Collective and Ziferblat would love to have you on board!

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