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  • Crowd-sourcing Publishers

    Your involvement is the most precious thing we have!

    Do you believe in the project and think it can make some kind of impact?

    Share your thoughts
    with your contacts!

    Write about it in your blog!

    Get others interested in it!

    Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and other destinations! 

    Our project relies on word of mouth, so please consider making the leap from just following the project to having an impact.

    If you're a journalist, then perhaps your audience might be fascinated to hear about all the cool stuff we're doing. We're currently compiling a Press Kit where you'll be able to find some relevant info but for the meantime you can send us a mail and we'll be happy to answer any questions.

  • Ricerca Collettiva

    Hai informazioni pertinenti o vuoi partecipare alla ricerca? Puoi far parte del team!

    Magari sei di Capo Verde e hai qualche suggerimento,
    oppure sei uno studente specializzando in biologia o in pesca oceanica;
    potresti anche solo essere qualcuno che si è preso a cuore questo progetto e gli argomenti presentati.

    Se hai informazioni utili circa le questioni che vogliamo indagare, perché non condividerle con il team di produzione?

    Perché non diventare parte della nostra ricerca in corso?
    Se vuoi saperne di più, scrivici e possiamo discutere su come potresti contribuire a consolidare questa fase della produzione.


    Se insieme decidiamo di iniziare una collaborazione, verrai accreditata/o nel film e sulla pagina web come parte del team di ricerca.

  • Community Research

    Have you got relevant info or want to take part in the research? You can join the team!

    Maybe you are from Cape Verde and have some suggestions,
    or you are a student specializing in fisheries or ocean biology;
    you could also be just somebody into these issues or have taken this project by heart.

    If you have any relevant information around the issues we want to investigate, why not share them with the production team?

    Why not become a part of our ongoing research?
    If you'd like to go more in depth why not drop us a line and discuss how you could help to consolidate this stage of production.


    If together we decide to start a collaboration, you will be credited in the film as part of the research team and have a special note on this website.

  • Using Crowd-Funding

    Using crowd-funding to finance your project doesn't mean that traditional routes are out of the question. Rather, one should see them as complimenting each other. A funder is much more likely to get involved if they can see that you already have some of the budget sorted, and even more so if you can show that there's already a large audience out there, who are not only interested in your project, but involved in it.

  • New ways

    Traditional forms of funding are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The recent demise of UK Film Council is an example of the paradigm change that is taking place in film financing. More time now has to be spent on finding funding than in the making of your actual creative work, and there are still no guarantees for even a cent to come your way. Faced with this we must look for new ways to continue making our work.

  • The Ten Principles of Hybrid Distribution

    Hybrid distribution is the state-of-the-art model more and more filmmakers are using to succeed. It enables them to have unprecedented access to audiences, to maintain overall control of their distribution, and to receive a significantly larger share of revenues.

    An inspiring article by Peter Broderick

    Declaration of Independence - The Ten Principle of Hybrid distribution

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