• PRI: In Scotland, Trump faces Brexit, protests and a Mexican flag

    "We have enough war and hatred in our world without Trump coming here and spouting more."

    My report from Turnberry, the west coast Scottish town that hosts one of Donald Trump's golf resorts, ahead of his visit on the eve of the EU referendum result.

    Read it on PRI HERE

  • Whisky and the Scotland vote

    "Campbeltown, Scotland - At the end of the tortuously winding roads of Kintyre peninsula, almost hidden in between the rows of houses, pagoda-style chimneys of dilapidated distilleries peek out revealing the ruins of the former "Whisky Capital of the World."

    One of the most remote towns in Scotland, Campbeltown's heyday began in the Victorian era with booming shipbuilding and coal-mining industries, also hosting more than 30 whisky distilleries that later fuelled the illegal smuggling routes into Prohibition America.

    Gradually these industries declined, as did Campbeltown's fortunes, and the distilleries fell silent. One of only three survivors, the Springbank Distillery recently declared its full-throated support for Scottish independence, its political allegiance fitting for one of the only independent distilleries remaining in the country."

    Read the whole article on Al Jazeera here by Matchbox journalist Andrew Connelly, who spent a week travelling across the west of Scotland in trains, buses and boats during the decisive days leading up to Scotland's referendum on independence.

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