The Collective

We are a multimedia network of independent storytellers.

A collaboration of filmmakers, journalists, photographers and composers. An experimental platform blending both traditional and cutting-edge narrative models with innovative production and distribution methods.

Matchbox gives voice to untold stories by building an inclusive relationship with audiences and subjects around the world.

With headquarters in London, bases in Rome, Bologna and Istanbul, and footprints in Cape Verde, Azerbaijan and Congo, Matchbox is on the road frequently.

An exploding and expanding cross-border collective, we put special emphasis on new ways of producing and financing media as witnessed by our first feature-length documentary ‘Sandgrains’. Entirely crowdfunded, we generated revenue through online platforms, fundraising events and partnerships with NGOs. We believe in offering the audience an active role in the creative process and hence many of Sandgrains’ technical and artistic assistance was crowdsourced, in turn giving people an arena in which to exhibit and promote their skills.

The members of Matchbox are professionals in their own right and we believe that our strength as freelancers lie in collective collaboration, sharing experiences, audiences and clients. Our productions strive to highlight areas of knowledge, showcase cultures and present points of view often overlooked in the mainstream media. Operating in a flexible, evolving and ever-expanding transnational network allows the collective to constantly adapt to new methods of producing and disseminating information.

Further collaboration is forged by experimenting with different distribution channels for work across multiple platforms, creating offshoots and opportunities to develop the stories within the stories so that each project can hopefully live on long after it finishes. In a similar way, Matchbox keeps the discussion alive by embodying the role of a think tank, acting as a forum for sharing ideas, a platform to experiment and an arena in which to cultivate concepts and proposals.

We also encourage our products and ideas to be used in other initiatives. By using Creative Commons licenses we are able to both reserve the creative rights of artists whilst making it easier for people to build upon the work of others, thus allowing projects to be artistically enhanced by a variety of inputs.

Matchbox aims to expand and deepen the link with their audience, enabling artistic freedom and aggregating talent, transforming spectators into participants and allowing projects to become experiences. This approach is designed to continue the democratisation of the media landscape; giving viewers an increased ability not just to interact with the media makers directly but to suggest issues and causes for us to investigate further.

Individual and collaborative projects appear in major national and international magazines, newspapers, festivals, radio and television channels. Works have been distributed by Al Jazeera, Spiegel Online, RTVE, The Guardian, Vice, Radio France International, RAI, Le Monde and El Pais, to name just a few.