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  1. Jordie Montevecchi

    Jordie Montevecchi

    Jordie Montevecchi is a freelance documentary filmmaker and transmedia enthusiast with a background in social anthropology. He has frontline experience working in productions for broadcasters such as Aljazeera English, CBS, NBC and Sky Italia. He is director of the award winning documentary Sandgrains and is currently developing the ambitious transmedia project Block Seven.
  2. Francesca Tosarelli

    Francesca Tosarelli

    Francesca Tosarelli is an independent photojournalist. She has been publishing on the Sunday Times Magazine, Guardian Weekend Magazine, Le Monde, Spiegel Online, TAZ, 6 Mois, Courrier International, D la Repubblica delle Donne, Semanal, El Pais, GEO, G1 Globo, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting among others.. She has been recently selected by Noor for their Masterclass in Conflict Photography.
  3. Jo Jo Lam

    Jo Jo Lam

    Jo Jo Lam is a freelance filmmaker currently working in London after having worked and lived in Hong Kong and Australia. She is an aspiring director of photography and predominantly works within the camera department of various projects including music videos, short films and commercials.
  4. Andrew Connelly

    Andrew Connelly

    Andrew Connelly is a British writer and broadcast journalist currently based in Athens covering migration and refugee issues from Turkey, through the Balkans, to western Europe.
  5. Alberto Tetta

    Alberto Tetta

    Alberto Tetta, freelance journalist and analyst, is TM News Agency's correspondent from Turkey. He has been living in Istanbul for eight years and is fluent in Turkish. He collaborates with Osservatorio balcani e caucaso, Radiotelevisione svizzera italiana, Panorama, Il Manifesto, l’Unità, Europa, Lettera43, Left, Rainews, Radio Rai, Radio popolare and Radio24. He writes about social movements, civil rights, hybrid identities, minorities and international relations in Turkey, the Arab world, the Balkans and the Caucasus.

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