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Istanbul - Turkey

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Alberto Tetta


Alberto Tetta, freelance journalist and analyst, is TM News Agency's correspondent from Turkey. He has been living in Istanbul for eight years and is fluent in Turkish. He collaborates with Osservatorio balcani e caucaso, Radiotelevisione svizzera italiana, Panorama, Il Manifesto, l’Unità, Europa, Lettera43, Left, Rainews, Radio Rai, Radio popolare and Radio24. He writes about social movements, civil rights, hybrid identities, minorities and international relations in Turkey, the Arab world, the Balkans and the Caucasus.

After a degree in Oriental Studies in Bologna and a Master in Inter-Mediterranean Relations between Venice, Barcelona and Meknes (Morocco), he returned to Istanbul and began working for the Turkish agency Bianet, "grow strong where you stand" their slogan. At that time he began collaborating with several Italian media as a correspondent. In 2011, for a short time he returned to Italy, where he worked at the headquarters of Bologna Agency Redattore Sociale thanks to a grant from the Ilaria Alpi Foundation for young journalists.