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  1. Ms Kalashnikov

    Ms Kalashnikov

    In contemporary African wars women continue to play a variety of crucial roles, and yet they remain invisible to the world. Only a handful of researchers and journalists have appreciated the importance of women in these conflicts, and the way in which gender stereotypes continue to mask their involvement.

  2. Congo Conservation Conflict

    Congo Conservation Conflict

    Mambasa was once the most peaceful territory in Province Orientale in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Over the last nine months, however, a simmering land conflict has resulted in a brutal militia carrying out attacks of astonishing inhumanity, targeting the local community and the park rangers who patrol the vast Ituri rainforest tracking poachers.

  3. Kibomango


    This is the incredible story of Kibomango, the Congolese national boxing champion.
    He is a former child soldier who marched 2,000 miles to Kinshasa with the forces of Laurent-Desiré Kabila to unseat dictator Mobutu Sese Seko in 1997.
    He lost his left eye there, but later became the Congolese boxing champion....

  4. Welcome Back Syria

    Welcome Back Syria

    The Syrian crisis has extended to Lebanon, and Tripoli is the new trench of the armed uprising to overthrow Assad. The front line is Syria Street. It separates Jabal Mohsen, an Alawite enclave loyal to Assad, perched on a hill in the East of Tripoli, and Bab al-Tabbaneh, a stronghold of supporters of the Syrian opposition.

  5. The Sand Of Ja

    The Sand Of Ja

    Ja is 29 years old and lives in a small fishing village in front of the Atlantic Ocean, Ribeira da Barca, on the island of Santiago, Cape Verde.
    The life of the country goes with the rhythm of the ocean, and the community formed by a few thousand people, has always enjoyed an abundance of fish resources.
    Ja is not a ‘peixera’, the matron who collects and manages the fish, Ja does not sell fish, and sometimes doesn’t even eat it.
    Ja, like hundreds of other women and men of Ribeira da Barca, cannot rely upon fish for their income and so have changed job; now they illegally sell the sand from the beaches.

  6. Italian People's Beaches

    Italian People's Beaches

    This photographic journal attempts to explore the very different ways in which we, as Italians, conduct ourselves on our beaches; what we do, how we eat, how we treat each other. It describes a space that manages to be both intimate and public at the same time.
    This is a social space that exhibits strong contrasts; beaches that are places of quiet, of rest, of entertainment but also of solitude.

  7. Karem And Riadh

    Karem And Riadh

    Karem e Riad are two cousins from Djebeniana, in the area of Sfax, the second largest city in Tunisia. Both unemployed and with an uncertain future to face, they are sure that Ben Ali regime’s roots are still firm. So they decide to invest all their savings to get to France. After a two days sea crossing they land in Lampedusa.

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