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The Syrian crisis has extended to Lebanon, and Tripoli is the new trench of the armed uprising to overthrow Assad. The front line is Syria Street. It separates Jabal Mohsen, an Alawite enclave loyal to Assad, perched on a hill in the East of Tripoli, and Bab al-Tabbaneh, a stronghold of supporters of the Syrian opposition.

Going to sleep in the fear of being hit by a bullet, running between the buildings to avoid the fire of snipers, risking one’s own life playing on the front line or securing a small arsenal in the back of your own shop: all of this is part of the surreal everyday life in Jabal Mohsen and Bab al-Tabbaneh.
Some inhabitants sell the family’s jewels or the car, in order to collect enough money to buy a gun to "defend their loved ones".

At the end of Ramadan the two rival neighborhoods have resumed hostilities and started to shoot again.
Dozen of people lost their lives and hundreds were injured in the clashes. The old conflict, now powered by the Syrian crisis, is threatening to destabilize the whole Lebanon.

A project in collaboration with Alberto Tetta.

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Photographer: Francesca Tosarelli