Soundtrack of the Sandgrains documentary, produced through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing by Matchbox Media Collective


Composer and Sound Engineer: Mirco Buonomo Song Writer and Performer: To Alves Song Writer and Performer: Ronaldo Espirito Santo Composer and Musician: Davide Pistoni




The documentary Sandgrains has been produced with a strong desire to create an original soundtrack with sounds originating from the locations. This is the work blending the composition skills of Mirco Buonomo and the collaboration with Cape Verdean musicians, such as To Alves, former musician of Cesaria Evora.

Once we arrived in the Cape Verdean archipelago, simultaneously to the work of recording engineer, Mirco Buonomo has been involved in the research and recording of some useful material for the creation of the documentary’s soundtrack.

The work has been divided into two main parts:

  • the research of sound materials belonging to the environment to be used for creating a sound library available for a subsequent electro-acoustic reworking
  • to find Cape Verdeans musicians willing to collaborate in the recording of new songs to include into the soundtrack.

 For the creation of the sound library, Mirco performed various field recordings, by sampling the sounds of rocks and stones of the Charco beach (with which he then realized the track "Charco bay"), the sounds of the sea and the roll of the waves on the shore, the wind, the song of the crickets and the sounds of nightlife environments, the children's voices (used in the track "até logo Cabo Verde") and finally, the underwater sounds (used in the track "under water").


It has been very difficult to find musicians on-site, ready to cooperate in order to record some of their inedited songs. With a little luck and thanks to the outstanding help of the inhabitants of Ribeira da Barca, Mirco was able to contact two musicians: To Alves and Ronaldo Espirito Santo.

To Alves is an established Cape Verdean author and song writer. After having been a former musician for Cesaria Evora, to date his voice is one of the warmest and beautiful of the Morna, the traditional Cape Verdean music. The meeting with Alves occurred completely by chance, but once he heard about the Sandgrains project and the arrangements for its realization, he immediately stated his availability to collaborate on the soundtrack. Alves comes from a family of musicians and fishermen, hence he felt the topics covered in the documentary very close to him. Enthusiastic about our crowdfunding and crowdsourcing system, he agreed to record two new songs on which he had been working for a next album.

Together with Mirco, they went to an old lighthouse that overlooks the bay of Praia, capital of Cape Verde. Here, using just a portable recorder and a few microphones, two songs have been recorded: Coragi pescador and Txoru de Mar (of which Mirco has produced a remix) .


Ronaldo Espirito Santo, on the other hand, is a young rookie musician originally from Assomada, a town close to the village of Ribeira da Barca.
 Friend of some guys in Ribeira, he was introduced to Mirco while he was looking for musicians in the village. By listening to his demo, recorded with very basic equipment, Mirco decided to entirely re-record the track "Rapidandi".
 Together with Ronaldo, working for two afternoons and locked in a room of a restaurant, Mirco has recorded different parts of the song by using a couple of microphones, a laptop and a sound card.


Once returned to Italy, both the materials and songs recorded in Cape Verde, have been mixed and reworked in the Mirco Buonomo's Studio.

An important contribution to the soundtrack was made by Davide Pistoni, accomplished musician and roman arranger. He decided to collaborate on Sandgrains spontaneously too, as the other musicians did, by embracing the themes proposed in the documentary and his collaborative spirit. Pistoni has produced three songs: Sandgrains, Melancholy and Kate Theme.

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